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Trujillo - Chiclayo - Cajamarca
Entdecken Sie die Schätze Nordperus

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Three Highlights of Northern Peru in easy reach of one another: Trujillo can be proud dozens of its colonial and republican mansions, the Temples of the Sun and Moon and, of course, Chan Chan, the world's largest mud-brick citadel. Chiclayo shows off with it's beaches, the year round pleasant temperatures and famous Sipán. Cajamarca's pleasant countryside makes you undertsand why the area was so important for the Incas and the Spaniards alike. It was the last home of the last inca Emperor Atahualpa.

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Day 1 - Lima

Upon arrival in Lima, meet your local Suedamerika-Reisen.travel guide or representative at the airport and transfer to the Hotel Jose Antonio Lima**** - located in the fashionable southern district of Miraflores. This neighborhood is safe and easy to negotiate - housing many shops and restaurants and with easy access to commercial areas of the city. It enjoys a stunning location beside the Pacific Ocean. The property is modern yet cozy with many period details in public areas and fully 44 equipped ensuite rooms. Hotel facilities include a swimming pool, souvenir shop, laundry service and Peruvian Resturant with Bar.

Day 2 - Fascinating Trujillo

After breakfast transfer to the airport for the flight to Trujillo. Known as the City of Eternal Spring because of its year round spring-like climate, Trujillo is the third largest city in Peru and one of the most beautiful, due to its colonial charm. Trujillo was founded in 1534 by the conquistador Francisco Pizarro who named it after his birthplace in Spain. During the city tour you will stroll along the beautiful main square surrounded by the Cathedral and brightly painted Colonial mansions with lovely doorways, balconies and courtyards. The tour also includes a visit to the La Merced Church and some mansions such as Casa del Mayorazgo, Casa Orbegozo and Casa de la Emancipacion, where you will marvel at their well-preserved traditional architecture. After the tour, visit the Archaeological Museum of the National University of Trujillo, one of Peru's best collections of ceramics, textiles and metal artifacts from various Pre-Columbian civilizations.

Hotel Libertador Trujillo****
Accommodations in Standard rooms - 2 Nights
Libertador Plaza Mayor Trujillo is splendidly located in a privileged corner of the Main Square, facing the Cathedral and surrounded by beautiful mansions of colonial times, and only ten minutes from Chan Chan, the largest mud-built citadel in the world, and from the magnificent Huacas (Temples) of the Sun and the Moon. Our hotel's typical colonial architecture dates from 1943 when the growing city called for the construction of a first rate hotel to lodge its illustrious guests. Today the hotel has all the comfort and technological state-of-the-art requirements in order to make our guests feel like home.

All rooms feature:  air conditioning, safe deposit box, smoke detector and fire alarm system, mini bar, wireless internet, 24-hour room service, hair dryer, cable TV and bathroom with bathtub. Besides, among the hotel’s facilities and services you will find: Las Bóvedas Restaurant, Malabrigo Bar, sauna with gym and swimming pool.

Day 3 - Trujillo, Sun & Moon, Chan-Chan & Huanchaco

In the morning visit the two most important Moche ceremonial centers, located in the countryside, 5 km south of Trujillo. The Huaca or Temple of the Sun is a huge terraced pyramid measuring approximately 43 m high (the tallest pyramid in the Americas), which is estimated to have involved over 200,000 workers in its construction and over 140 million adobe bricks. Some 500m away is the Huaca or Temple of the Moon, the Moche political centre where recently uncovered friezes of mystical images are believed to belong to a divinity of sacrifices. Ongoing excavations by Peruvian and foreign scholars are revealing the complexity of this fascinating structure.

Continue to Chan Chan, the ancient capital of the Chimu Kingdom (700-1400 AD), which reached its peak in the 15th century, many centuries after the collapse of the Moche Culture and not long before falling to the Incas. The planning of this huge adobe city, the largest in pre-Columbian America, reflects a strict political and social strategy, marked by the city's division into nine 'citadels' or 'palaces' forming autonomous units. The Chimu called it Jang-Jang, which in the ancient Moche language means "sun-sun". Marvel at this fascinating city, UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986. Lunch will be served in the seashore village of Huanchaco, known for its "caballitos de totora" - a typical small reed boat still used by the local fishermen, as their ancestors did centuries ago.

Day 4 - Cajamarca

Transfer to Cajamarca via El Brujo. You will stay in Hotel Laguna Seca****
which is located in the most beautiful and peaceful location in the green and quiet valley of Cajamarca, a place where guests can find the freshness and tranquility of nature, in the comfort of a traditional hacienda atmosphere. The hotel facilities allow you the opportunity to enjoy a rejuvenating rest while bathing in thermal waters which flow from its own springs.

Laguna Seca is one of the few hotels in the world to offer the possibility to enjoy rejuvenating baths in own spacious room's with private thermal basins. Laguna Seca Hotel is a wonderful refuge, with large gfreen areas and peaceful surroundings. It has 85 beds in Suites, Junior Suites, Single, Double and Honeymoon rooms.

El Fogón Restaurant: Exclusive restaurant and bar. Fine national and international cuisine specially prepared for its visitors in a welcoming atmosphere. A personalized quality service is our seal. Toril Café: cozy place for breakfast with a view over the landscape. In the mornings one can enjoy a favorite breakfast, and in the afternoon, snacks, sandwiches and coffee.

Day 5 - Cajamarca and the Cumbemayo Aqueduct

Located 19 Km southwest of Cajamarca, Cumbemayo is a stunning natural spot of huge and fascinating rock formations set amid rolling green hills at an elevation of 3,400 m. More interesting is the evidence of human intervention here, which makes it an important archaeological site, widely held to be the biggest megalithic (Stone Age) construction in the Americas. It consists of the 'Sanctuary' (a large outcrop in the shape of a head which has some important petroglyphs), a pre-Inca aqueduct which still works, and runs for nearly a mile, and a series of ceremonial altars which lie next to the aqueduct. The site is also very near to the 'Stony Forest' of the Frailones - a huge set of strangely-weathered rocks that look like monks.

The necropolis of Otuzco, 7km northwest of Cajamarca, owes its popular name of "windows" to the fact that the square or rectangular graves were carved in consecutive rows on a cliff of volcanic rock. It is associated with the Cajamarca culture which flourished between 500 and 1200 A.D. Then we will continue to Tres Molinos Farm, where excellent kinds of cheese and butter are produced.

Day 6 - Cajamarca City Tour & Transfer to Chiclayo

On a city tour we will explore the main points of the city: the Main Square, the Cathedral and the 17th century San Francisco Church, which houses the Museum of Religious Art, a fine collection of colonial oil paintings and the catacombs. Continue on to the Ransom Room which the last Inca emperor, Atahualpa, filled once with gold and twice with silver so as to obtain his freedom in 1532, to the Belen Complex which includes the Belen Church, constructed entirely of sculptured volcanic rock and the Medical, Ethnological and Archaeological Museums and finally on to the Santa Apolonia hill, for a scenic view of the valley of Cajamarca and where one may also see the ceremonial Inca Seat.

Then Transfer Cajamarca/Chiclayo with accommodation in the Gran Hotel Chiclayo****, considered the best hotel in town, Gran Hotel Chiclayo is ideally located in the heart of the city center. It offers 129 comfortable and modern rooms, among single, double bedrooms and junior, full and presidential suites, distributed in 7 floors, which will give you a very pleasant stay. All rooms feature air conditioning, cable TV, direct access to Internet, access to long distance calls, mini bar, noise reducing windows, hair dryers and 110 / 240V outlets. All of our suites have a Jacuzzi and a safe box.

The best dishes of the local and international gastronomy can be enjoyed at our gourmet restaurant “Huaca de Oro”. At the remodeled “Cappuccino Café Bar and Pizzeria” you can enjoy the best pizza and pasta, appetizers, a wide variety of drinks, desserts and much more. To get cool during the summer or during our sunny afternoons, you can rest at “Las Palmeras Bar” next to the swimming pool, enjoying the best drinks and liquors.

Day 7 - Chiclayo: Sipan, Tucume and the Royal Tombs Museum

Drive 40 minutes from Chiclayo to visit the archaeological complex of Tucume or Valley of the Pyramids, an important archaeological complex of the Lambayeque Culture (BC 1,000 / 1,350 AD), consisting of pyramids from which the extensive pre-Columbian urban site can be surveyed. Tucume, the final capital of the Sican culture, Archeologists believe that it was built after the Sican burnt and abandoned their former capital of Batan Grande. The most stunning thing about Tucume is the landscape, when can be seen best from a lookout on Cerro Purgatorio, a huge desert mountain. It rises in the midst of 26 eroded adobe pyramids scattered throughout 400 acres of surrounding bosque seco. There is a powerful energy here, especially at dawn and dusk which is probably why the Sican chose it in the first place and why many shamanic rituals continue here today. Then visit the extraordinary Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum in Lambayeque, shaped like a Moche pyramid which contains the gold masks, scepters, jewelry and other objects of the royal Moche tombs discovered in Huaca Rajada (Sipan). This museum succeeds in evoking the full grandeur and sophistication of the ancient Moche civilization and the findings have helped to unlock many of the mysteries of the Moche society, built around a hierarchy of kings, priests, and military leaders.

Then continue the tour with the excursion to the impressive Necropolis of Huaca Rajada, a Mochica funeral centre where the tombs of the Old Lord of Sipan (3rd Century) and the Lord of Sipan (5th Century), famous for its objects in gold and semi-precious stones, were unearthed in the decade of the 1980's by Peruvian archaeologists led by Dr. Walter Alva.

Day 8 - Chiclayo: Batangrande, Pomac Forest and Sican Museum

This sprawling pyramid complex, set amid a dry-forest nature reserve, was the first Sican capital and the source for the majority of the plundered gold that was either sold to private collections or simply melted down. En route visit the Sican museum which has a fabulous collection of gold objects of the Sican Culture which succeeded the Moche in 750 as and succumbed to the Chimu in 1375. The Sican were the first culture in Peru's north to discover bronze, which they made by mixing arsenic with copper. The Sican were at the hub of a great commercial network that moved emeralds and shells from Ecuador, gold nuggets from the Amazon and mercury ore from Peru's southern sierra. Around 1050 a.d. the Sican mysteriously abandoned Batan Grande and built the even more elaborate city of Tucume.

Day 9 - Return fligt to Lima

Depart in the early afternoon to Chiclayo Airport for your flight to Lima and your return home or continue with us.

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